1. Yes hunni

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    Say that!

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  3. Yes erykah!!

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  4. He is still so fine

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    My husband believes that when cleans up or does anything around the house or for my car that he’s supposed to be rewarded for it. Nigga please.

    I do this shit all the time!
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    Paris always inspires us. Shop your fave French house: Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Balenciaga, and Dior. Love, Wantering.
    Wantering Tumblr

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    Luv this

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    This is so sad. :(

    so young….Call me sensitive, but watching things like this makes me tear up. I used to be like this.

    baby no :(

    Omg! This is the problem

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    Let’s have a meaningful chat about natural hair in the workplace ladies and gents! Nothing new, but how do you handle this request? I’d have to decline, because as we always say - My hair, My choice (@nevabnprmd). So what say you? Full article on @huffingtonpost.com #naturalhairdoescare #colorcodefriday #naturallycurlyhair

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    YESSS my homie on IG has got it. If this timing isn’t right then IDK what is ☕️👀🐸

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